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What is LINKS?

An image from our “Easy Fluffy Slime!” post.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

– Carl Sagan, astronomer, scientist, and writer.

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A video clip from our “Vinegar and Baking Soda” post.

Our Weekly Schedule:

Slime and oobleck galore! Best for the little ones at home (ages 4-8).

Perfect for the sleuths at home! Crack one of the two codes sent out every three weeks and get a chance to win a fun prize!  

Email us photos of you conducting a science experiment at info.links@yahoo.com!  We’ll post the best pictures on our social media accounts!

Learn about potential and kinetic energy by constructing elaborate Domino sets, Rube-Goldberg Machines, and more!  Best for ages 9-13.

From rocket labs to electricity, these lessons are best for older kids with an appreciation for science (ages 14-17).

Some of our past lessons…

Lifting Fingerprints

Though I’m sure we’ve all heard of a detective pulling prints off of various objects to catch criminals, lifting fingerprints is in fact something that anyone can do with the proper materials. Since our fingerprints are unique To lift fingerprints from an object, you need: Clear tape A glass (cleaned with a dust cloth) PowderContinue reading “Lifting Fingerprints”

Columnar Ciphers

A columnar cipher is a form of transposition cipher. This means that the letters in a secret message are simply rearranged or shifted to create a coded message. This is different from other types of codes, like Caesar Ciphers (see our article on Caesar Ciphers to refresh your memory), which might substitute the letter AContinue reading “Columnar Ciphers”