Use Science to Solve a Mystery!


Imagine this…

You and your friend are at sleep-away camp. 

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It was a warm night, so you and your friend decide to lay in the grass before bedtime.

Your camp had a special rule for extremely hot days. If it was 90 degrees by noon, there was ice cream available at every breaktime and meal.
Since today was so hot (91 degrees), it was an ice cream day! You loved having all that ice cream!

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The sky had been really cloudy yesterday. But tonight, there were no clouds in sight. You and your friend were enjoying the beautiful stars and the moon!

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While outside, you and your friend notice it is still as warm as yesterday night. Your friend thinks this means that tomorrow there will be another 90 degree day with unlimited ice-cream.

What’s your prediction?

Take a minute to think. When you’re ready to find out the correct answer, scroll down!

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Tomorrow is probably not going to be 90 degrees! Here’s why…

The cloudy sky last night helped trap in the heat radiating off the earth. That’s why it was hot earlier in the day.

But since the sky was clear tonight, the heat will radiate away into space. This means that tomorrow morning will be colder.

It probably will not get hot enough for ice cream tomorrow by noon because it was barely over 90 degrees today, even with the trapped heat from this morning.

To better understand how this works check out this website!

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