Sea Turtles and Ocean Pollution

Sea Turtle Summer
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Did you know that sea turtles have lived on Earth for about 110 million years? That means that they were around when dinosaurs like the T-rex were walking the Earth. To put that into perspective, the very first human ancestors only appeared about 6 million years ago– so sea turtles have lived on Earth for about 18 times longer than humans.

However, ocean pollution is endangering sea turtles.

When plastic bags and balloons land in the ocean, sea turtles can confuse them for their favorite food, jellyfish. When sea turtles eat these items, they get stuck in their stomachs, making them sick.

5 Shocking Facts about Plastic bags in the Ocean - Passport Ocean
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Sea turtles can also get trapped in improperly discarded plastic six-pack rings and fishing equipment.

Saltwater Brewery Creates Wildlife-Friendly 'Edible' Six-Pack Rings |  Oceans of the world, Network for good, Ocean
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Not only that, but sea turtles are affected by oil spills. Oil spills can hurt sea turtles’ nesting sites where mother sea turtles lay their eggs and baby sea turtles, called hatchlings, are born. Oil spills also harm parts of the ocean that are important for these hatchlings’ growth into adult sea turtles.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center Breaks All-Time Sea Turtle Nest Count Record -  Loggerhead Marinelife Center
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To help sea turtles, make sure to be careful about how you throw away plastic items. Also, spread the word about the dangers of ocean pollution!

To learn more about ocean pollution, stay tuned for more content!


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