Fast Facts about BPA

BPA May Not Be Dangerous After all, A New Study Finds : Shots - Health News  : NPR
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  • BPA is an industrial chemical found in plastics.
  • It has been found to cause some health concerns in humans and animals based on recent studies.
  • The FDA regulates the amount of BDA in plastic in food packaging materials to make sure it remains safe, but many researchers believe it should be banned because of its negative impacts.
  • When plastic that pollutes our oceans break down into smaller pieces, some BPA is released into the water
  • BPA is potentially dangerous to marine life forms such as molluscs and crustaceans and over time, exposure has been found to increase. It can even affect some plants ability to grow roots.
  • It is one of the many reasons why plastic pollution is a critical issue as its BPA residue can have serious impacts on marine environments and other living creatures.
  • Further research still needs to be done but one potential solution is the use of bacteria to remove BPA traces from bodies of oceans. But for now, spread awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and learn more about what you can do to minimize your plastic consumption in this post!


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