Pollution and Penguins!

King Penguin Swimming' Photographic Print - DLILLC | Art.com
Image from https://www.art.com/products/p36566867244-sa-i9510000/dlillc-king-penguin-swimming.htm

Did you know that the fastest penguins can swim almost 4 times faster than humans? Scientists think that penguins are able to move so fast because their bodies are really hydrodynamic, or shaped in a way that allows them to move really quickly through the water. Not only that, but penguins also release air from underneath their thick coat of feathers before they swim that lets them move even faster.

To stay safe on snow or ice, walk like a penguin | Morris Hospital
Image from https://www.morrishospital.org/health-topics/to-stay-safe-on-snow-or-ice-walk-like-a-penguin/

This is just one amazing fact about penguins, but because of ocean pollution and damage caused to their habitats, penguin populations are suffering.

Surface Clean-Up Technology Won't Solve Ocean Plastic Problem, According To  Study
Image from https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottsnowden/2020/08/05/surface-clean-up-technology-wont-solve-ocean-plastic-problem-according-to-study/?sh=96db3924777a

First, penguins can get caught in plastic floating in the water. This plastic wasn’t properly thrown away, and because of that, penguins can get trapped.

Second, penguins can eat plastic floating in the ocean by mistake. Some plastic might look like fish, a tasty meal for penguins, but end up making them sick instead.

Third, penguins can eat animals, like fish, that have eaten plastic. In this case, we call this plastic “microplastic.” Since “micro” means “small,” it makes sense that microplastic is smaller pieces of plastic that have broken down from larger pieces. Microplastic can also make penguins sick.

Gene study suggests penguins originated in warmer Australian waters
Image from https://newatlas.com/biology/gene-study-penguins-evolution-australia/

To help the penguins, it’s important that we do our part and reuse and recycle all of our plastic. Recycling even just one piece of plastic can make a difference!




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