Soap and Pepper Experiment

AN IMPORTANT NOTE – PLEASE HAVE AN ADULT ASSIST YOU WITH THIS EXPERIMENT. DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS ONCE YOU ARE DONE! MATERIALS: Water Pepper Soap Two bowls Stirring utensil SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION: You may have a lot of questions after this experiment. Read below to find some answers! Why does the pepper float?Continue reading “Soap and Pepper Experiment”

All About Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are all around us. But how do they work? Some illusions work because you look at things the wrong way. By looking at an image carefully from all angles you suddenly see what it really is. Sometimes, illusions use substances like water to change our perception. Other illusions work because they use motionContinue reading “All About Optical Illusions”

Easy Fluffy Slime!

Please enjoy this easy slime video tutorial. This activity is recommended for children ages 4-8 with parental supervision.  Materials Needed 4 ounces glue or melted stick glue 4 ounces warm water Shaving cream 2 ounces of liquid laundry detergent  Food coloring (optional) Lotion (optional) WHY SLIME? Slime is cool for many different reasons. It’s notContinue reading “Easy Fluffy Slime!”